Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yet another decision families will have to make

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Pentagon will lift its ban on media coverage of the flag-draped coffins of war victims arriving at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday.
Military vehicles carry coffins containing U.S. troops in this photo the Pentagon released in 2005.

But the families of the victims will have the final say on whether to allow the coverage, he said.

President Obama asked Gates to review the policy, and Gates said he decided after consulting with the armed services and groups representing military families to apply the same policy that is used at Arlington National Cemetery.

"I have decided that the decision regarding media coverage of the dignified transfer process at Dover should be made by those most directly affected -- the families," he said at a news conference.


AirmanMom said...

dad...I'm hoping this is their way of being sensitive. However, I feel a grieving family should not have to deal with the media at such a time. The media atending a funeral is one thing, if invited by the family...but the remains of a child or a husband/wife coming off the transport plane is wrong. Not all family members will be able to meet these planes at Dover simply can't happen.

But may I say, Gates comment that sent me over the edge was "This policy was first put in place in 1991 ... as far as I'm concerned, that's ancient history and I'm not going to try to figure out the motives."
Mr. Gates, the motive is called RESPECT!
I'm done for now!

ABNPOPPA said...


Said it all for me too!

Infantry Dad said...

I wouldn't want to be the reporter that calls my house to ask if I mind if they film the return of my son in a box..
What in hell are these people thinking.
I'm not opposed to the filming. But if they're going to do it, just do it. Don't call and ask.

MightyMom said...

I honestly believe that if there is no official ban those pictures will be out there, on the news...on the paper whether the family wants them or not.

tis better to never have them taken in the first place. If you'd like a picture of your serviceperson coming home then either bring your camera or ask someone else to.

honest oshkosh.