Tuesday, February 3, 2009

From ABC News' This Week

Recalling The Names of U.S. Service Members Who Lost Their Lives in Iraq and Afghanistan This Week

Our prayers and thoughts are with their families and friends.

In Memoriam

Marine Sgt David W Wallace III, 25, of Sharpsville, PA

Marine Sgt Trevor J Johnson, 23, of Forsyth, MT

Army SPC Matthew M Pollini, 21, of Rockland MA

Army SGT Kyle J Harrington, 24, of Swansea, MA

Marine LCpl Julian T Brennan, 25, of Brooklyn, NY

Army PVT Grant A Cotting, 19, of Corona, CA

Army CWO Philip E Windorski, Jr, 35, of Bovey, MN

Army CWO Matthew G Kelley, 30, of Cameron, MO

Army CWO Joshua M Tillery, 31, of Beaverton, OR

Army CWO Benjamin H Todd, 29, of Colville, WA


Anonymous said...

This list is just from this week?

Airborne dad said...

Regrettably, yes.