Sunday, February 8, 2009

82nd resumes its traditional role

The 82nd Airborne is the original first responder. It's mission is go anywhere in the world in 18 hours in response to a threat to the nation. For the last few years, however, the 82nd, like every other infantry unit, has been pulling heavy duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This year, 2nd Brigade, in which Mark serves, goes back on duty as the Global Response Force. The Fayetteville Observer has a story, slide show and several videos of the Falcon Brigade getting ready.

The story is here.


ABNPOPPA said...

Thanks for posting 'Dad, I wish I could get everyone in the good ol' US of A to watch it. Might make 'em think twice about how lucky they are to live here.


MightyMom said...

how's that jive with the fractures?? he on "light duty"

(she says with a there such a thing in the Army??)

Airborne dad said...

Agreed, Pops. Agreed.


Mark is chained to a desk right now since he is somewhat hobbled.

Anonymous said...

How's Mark doing?!

So is he on "stand-by" now then or is he currently done-done?

Airborne dad said...

When the guys went out on a field exercise, Mark stayed in the rear. His left leg is in a it is desk duty, which is fine with us.