Thursday, February 12, 2009

Economic stimulus

Here's how to stimulate the economy. Bring the troops home.

The moment they come home, especially the single soldiers, they will do the following:

Buy a truck or a motorcycle;
Buy a big screen TV;
Buy a sound package for the TV;
Buy a Blu-ray, DVD player;
Buy a laptop computer;
Buy a video game player;
Buy an IPOD, ITouch, or IPhone;
Buy a video camera or a digital camera or both.

And for those who are separating from the service:

They will buy a pooch.



Anonymous said...

And maybe if the Governments lucky, some of them will even consider buying a house ;)

Airborne dad said...

Had the market held and his benefits been a little better, he would have bought a condo at the Beach.

ABNPOPPA said...


You forgot clothes. Anything but BCU'S! Lots and lots of clothes.


MightyMom said...

ain't that the truth!!

when do we see the new grand-pooch??

Infantry Dad said...

You also forgot the beer... and solo cups, and ping pong balls. I guess the list could be endless.
The bars and pizza places around forts get a good shot of stimulus when a whole brigade comes home.

Airborne dad said...

Dad and Pops,

You were right. I completely forgot about the clothes. Youngest son Jon does some occasional work for RVCA - a surf line of clothes - so Mark gets a host of freebies.

And, I completely forgot about beer pong and shots of Jagermeister. :)