Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday news and notes

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Even the threat of a hard freeze last night did deter these azaleas from bursting into bloom this morning. Hard to believe it's February 21.

It's been pretty quiet in Ft. Bragg with the exception of the constant training that 2nd Brigade is undergoing. Everyone has been busy, which makes the countdown calendar go by a bit quicker.

The brigade surgeon says SGT Mark's leg issues may be lifelong and not to look for a civilian job that requires a lot of standing. I have read that as many as 250,000 soldiers and Marines are not deployable because of foot, leg, knee and hip issues.

There won't be much of an All-American week this year at Bragg since Division will be deployed to Afghanistan. The Division run with about 15,000 soldiers is the highlight and 82nd Airborne vets from around the country come for the activities. This happened in 2007 when the entire division was gone. 2nd Brigade will have its own version, I'm sure.


AirmanMom said...

The photo of the Azalea is beautiful!
Amazing, but sad statistics regarding the injuries to deployable soldiers. I always enjoy my visits to your blog, thank you!


Infantry Dad said...

The news out of Ft Lewis courtesy of the Northeast Guardian isn't much better.
5th and 4th SBCT units have been ordered to Afghanistan in mid June.
Matt gets out in early May. We'll wait and see.

Infantry Dad said...

Northwest Guardian that is. Got my coasts mixed up.
Love the Azalea. we won't see those until May...
6 to 10 inches more snow coming Sunday.......
The winter that won't go away.

ABNPOPPA said...


Save some of those Azaleas for me and the queen. We will be there, Good Lord willing and the crick don't rise, in about 10 days!

Specialist Jacob say Sgt. Mark the other day but said before he realized who it was he was gone. I think it was at sick call or the hospital. Jacob's still on profile for the next two weeks and then I think it's back to the grind. Sometimes I think bad sprains are worse than breaks.


Infantry Dad,

We pulling for Matt to be home by May 3 (my birthday) would be a great birthday present for you guys I am sure.


MightyMom said...

Dads, I know you all are counting the days till your boys get to hang up the uniforms. I'm thinking of you both...and them both.

Sorry to hear about Mark's injuries..but the body is an amazing thing and I've known more than a few folks do things the MDs told them they'd never do.

Airborne dad said...


Regrets on snow. I think Matt should be OK. Haven't heard much about stop losses these. Recruiting numbers are up so we will keep our fingers crossed.


Mid-February is a little early for azaleas even for us. The trees are starting to bud out and I am hopeful that we are done with the hard freezes.


That would be quite the irony if Jacob and Mark bumped into each other. Mark was retrieving medical records and arranging for an appointment with a civilian doctor.