Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday news and notes

82nd Airborne is heading to Afghanistan:

"The 82nd Airborne Division headquarters will go to Afghanistan, and the 4th Brigade Combat Team might, the Army’s top general said Friday at Fort Bragg, according to this morning's Fayetteville Observer.

The division’s 4th Brigade has expected to go to Iraq in the summer, but talk in recent months about sending more troops to Afghanistan has led to speculation of a different mission.

“That’s one of the items being considered for decision right now,” Gen. George W. Casey Jr. said. “Until the decision is made, I won’t comment any further.”

Casey, the Army chief of staff, spoke at a press conference after a ceremony at U.S. Army Special Operations Command headquarters."

Other deployment information:

The 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade will deploy to Afghanistan in late spring, several months earlier than expected, the Pentagon announced in December. The aviation brigade, which has about 2,800 soldiers, had been planning a fall deployment.

The 3rd Brigade Combat Team is in Iraq this year and was involved in helping Iraqis with the provincial elections in January.

The 1st Brigade Combat Team expects to deploy to Iraq later this year.

The 2nd Brigade Combat Team is training to begin a year as part of the Global Response Force with the capability of performing combat parachute jumps, seizing airfields and doing a wide variety of missions.

Army does the right thing:

The Army has finally recognized that Mark has severe stress fractures, bad knees and fallen arches. He is now sporting a cast on his left leg. After that, his right leg. More on this later.

Blatant advertisement:

There is a caption contest under way at La Florida. The winner receives a 13 by 19 signed print from the blog.

Grand dogs are visiting:

Mike and Tara have gone to Sarasota for a wedding so we are dog sitting this weekend.
On the left is our border collie Olustee. On the right her sister (and visitor), Bodie. Shadow, Tara's dog is camera shy. Border collies are quite busy dogs and, as a result, so are we.


AirmanMom said...

Thank you for the link to the fun caption contest!
Grand-dog sitting??? Too much fun, they always go home!


MightyMom said...

the FAMOUS Bodie the Airborne Dog??? wow. I'm impressed.

you DO remember what I"m talking about don't you?? the pic?? in the car??????

Gayle said...

Hi Moms,
As a grandmom of border collies. I wanted to clarify...Olustee belongs to us, Bodie belongs to Mike. They were the only females (sisters) in a litter of 11 pups from Chester, VA. Olustee was the runt. They are surely the best dogs of my 50+ years! They love each other so much, and although they may not see each other for months, they always begin by tugging on a toy, then take turns at fetching, either tennis balls, frisbees, ropes, or whatever. Bodie was in the pool today. It's about 55 degrees, but she couldn't allow an old soccer ball to float all by itself!
MightyMom, Bodie was wearing the airborne beret. She's a poser. They also were posted wearing doggles! Glad you ladies enjoy our silly photos!

Anonymous said...

Get well Mark!!