Sunday, February 15, 2009

Economic stimulus: news and notes

Old stomping grounds

I flew into DC Sunday in preparation for some meetings Monday and Tuesday. I had a little time on my hands, so I took the Metro over to Rosslyn. I was walking up Wilson Ave. when I crossed Fort Myer Ave. Memories. I looked to the left and could see the carillon in the distance. Fort Myer was my first duty post in 1972. I lived at South Post, which has longed been bulldozed. It is now hallowed ground as part of Arlington National Cemetery. I have a little time Monday and may take a tour of the grounds there. I haven't been there in 15 years.

Stimulating the economy

So here's how it goes to fly these days:

Because the meeting was spur of the moment, I got whacked with an $80 fee for not booking 14 days in advance. Like I can really control that.

It cost $17 to check a bag.

Two dollars for some water.

It costs $10 a day for the privilege of checking the Internet from my room.



lolaberly said...

It's a small world! I live in Arlington, use the Rosslyn metro and the street I'm on (Quinn) is backed up against Fort Myer. Every night at 10 and 11pm, I hear Taps loud and clear.

Airborne dad said...

The escalator in the Rosslyn station has to be the steepest, longest escalator I've ever seen. Had some vertigo issues when I returned from my Arlington walkabout.

I'm over in Foggy Bottom. My meeting Tuesday is across the street from the White House. Looks like a reasonably inexpensive cab ride. We have a pre-meet sometime, somewhere tomorrow.

Normally, I would head to the national mall, which is what Gayle and I did last time we were here. But I think it's time to go back to Arlington.

When I was at Ft. Myer, I spent many, many evenings trying to take the iconic photograph of the Lincoln Memorial - Washington Monument at full moon with no success. There is another meeting in June, I think, and I will haul my digital gear up here and try again.

By the way, this is a meeting of the American Heritage River Alliance (I represent the St. Johns River Alliance) and we are meeting with the Council of Environmental Quality Tuesday.

lolaberly said...

I'm pretty sure it was the Rosslyn escalator that my friend fell down. She was ok but ended up with some nasty "escalator bites" ow.

If you're thinking of cabbing, definitely check out EnviroCab -- they're a bit more expensive but they use hybrid vehicles and you can pay via credit card. (

I'm still learning the basics of my new dSLR and my night images still come out slightly blurry as I don't use a tripod. I also have some great photos from Arlington from my trip up here in October. I'll have to put them up on my blog.

Good luck with your meetings!

liberal army wife said...

if you are going to be across from the WH, take the Metro? Blue Line - get off at Metro and follow the signs to the WH. It's a couple blocks down F and then up one to Treasury. I work on New York Ave.

Rosslyn IS the longest in the whole system. I have friends who live near it, and I enjoy the ride.


Airborne dad said...


Thanks, that's good advice. I will scope it out today.

liberal army wife said...

just remember not to try to go to the Pentagon today! the station is closed.

ABNPOPPA said...


Limbaugh is advertising an office teleconference deal. At those prices you may want to check it out. Say Hi to President Obama for me!


MightyMom said...

well, have fun.