Sunday, February 1, 2009

Iraqi elections, part 2

I couldn't say it better:

"Today, we say "thank you" once again to our women and men serving over in Iraq. Because as we all know, "freedom isn't free".
Woodrow Wilson once said: "though silent, it speaks to us". And while Americans continue living their lives here back at home in safety and peace, we need to know that we can't forget. We shouldn't ever forget to remember, thank and recognize our Soldiers who give up their lives so that we can continue to have ours. Freedom doesn't complain, it isn't selfish or ungrateful. Freedom doesn't always cry out or scream loud so that we'll turn our heads to it's attention. And it shouldn't have to. Because despite the obstacles America faces, we still need to understand, it is because of our Military men and women that we are afforded such things as homes, vehicles, education... It is because of them, that we are even allowed such freedoms and conveniences."

H.L., Love Letters to the Middle East