Sunday, October 19, 2008

News and notes

With six days to go to the big day, there is lots of mulching, sweeping and more mulching going on. Trying to do a year's worth of yard work in one weekend has been a bit of a chore. But we will get through it. We will host the rehearsal dinner at our house Friday, hence the sense of panic.

Still no word on whether SGT Mark can participate as best man. I hopeful we will know tomorrow.

In other news, Jacksonville lost another soldier in Iraq two weeks ago. His name was PFC Tavares Setzler and the funeral was a week ago. A photo album of the funeral can be found here. As always, Jacksonville turned out in great numbers to commemorate his service.


AirmanMom said...

Prayers will be lifted for the family of PFC Tavares Setzler.
May God Bless this hero.

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

ABNPOPPA said...

We are certainly praying for all our soldiers and their families. As the parent of a soldier who has safely returned from the battle understanding the loss of a child is impossible. Sometimes a guilty feeling accompanies the feeling of relief that our child made it home. Our hearts go out to the parents and loved ones of the warrior from Jacksonville.

Confession Time.

My 1st Shirt let me go home and GET married in 1967. It ended about 4 years later. Of course ABNMOMMA and I have been married 31+ years now. Hopefully the Army will recognize their mistake of 40 years ago and let the BEST MAN attend. Here's hoping and congratulations to them both.


Airborne dad said...


We got married when I was on terminal leave in 1974. Hard to believe it was that long ago. Gayle was an Army bride for 30 days.

Congrats on 31+ years.