Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pig in a poke

My oldest son Mike was out making the rounds in some of the city's parks yesterday when he came across this bad boy. Looking at the tusks, needless to say, he stayed in his truck.

Feral pigs are a big problem in Florida. They were brought here by the Spanish 500 years ago. They are very prolific, very destructive and a bit testy when surprised by two-legged creatures. I can remember hot-footing it out of a conservation area years ago with the kids when we accidentally jumped a big boar.

The city doesn't have an active program yet to trap and eradicate them but it will some day.

Fayetteville news: A four-day weekend is in the works, but Mark can't afford to come home and we can't afford to go up. It's the $129 a night hotel rates that's the problem as well as the gas.


loader backhoes said...


vacuum excavator said...

ok. I found an information here that i want to look for.

wheeled excavator said...

what happened to the other one?

kobelco excavator said...

yeah! its much better,

caterpillar loader said...

very cool.

MightyMom said...

you got some new commentors there Dad.

that hotel is too rich for my blood for sure! But is he gonna get to wear the Tux??

had a friend get a wild pig in their pasture...tore it UP. nice thing is that there's no restrictions on hunting can spotlight them and everything. BUT the butcher refused to clean it. Said he'd butcher the meat, but my friend had to clean and skin the pig...apparently it's a real mess.

Airborne dad said...

Yeah, MM. He's got a pass. The wedding will go on as advertised.

MightyMom said...


really a pumpkin head best man is a bit much...even though it would make for great conversation starter for years to come!

ABNPOPPA said...

I just hate it when I come in, in the middle of the conversation. When did you go into the heavy equipment business?

Try the Hampton on Skibo. Got Fri/Sat/Sun for $99.00 this weekend. You're on your own for gas.

Which is worse an alligator or wild boar? We have neither in Ohio.

Airborne dad said...


Thanks for the heads up. We have been staying at the Courtyard Marriott near the mall.

I would say hogs are a bigger problem. You never know where they are. Gators...a little easier...need to be close to water.

Infantry Dad said...

What the hell's with the construction company?
Maybe if we all kicked in 10 you could go visit?

MightyMom said...

I could send 10.

I guess you're not "dependents" so a Shades O Green type place is out. Keep searching. there's got to be a way!

oh I vote boar. they're faster runners than gators. and as Dad said...they hide any old place they like.

but the that's a REAL menace! yowzers! the singing at night can make you crazy!!

Airborne dad said...

Thanks for the offers folks. But I think we are here for the weekend.

And...gators are surprisingly fast on land but they can only run in a straight line.