Monday, October 6, 2008

Black and blue Monday

Or maybe I should say black and teal. All dressed up and nothing to show for it. (Mike is on the left)

Red Sox lost. Jaguars lost. Nascar was a wreckfest. The Dow is tumbling. WaMu is now JPMorgan Chase, according to its website. Yikes. Time out.


AirmanMom said...

dad...Does this mean we get to go back to bed and pretend it is still Saturday? ;)

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

ABNPOPPA said...

yes, TIME OUT, and the market dropped 500 points the last time I could bare to look! Hey, I thought our tax contributions, AKA, BAILOUT, were supposed to stop all that. Hmmm

I knew you would be sad as the Jaugars lost, but how do you think I feel, I'm a Jeff Gordon fan and he wen't down 33 laps before! the wreck fest really began

Airborne dad said...


Don't know the name of the movie to which you were referring. (I somehow dropped your comment when I added the picture)


Now that the day is over, I think it's safe to go back to Saturday.


I missed Gordon's mishap but tuned in to see Carl Edwards take out most of the chasers. What mess. They need to fix those tires.

When the market dropped more than 800 points, I turned off the radio.


liberal army wife said...

I'm afraid there just isn't anything we can do or say... except - VOTE dammit!


UncleSteve said...

Well, the Red Sox did go on to win last night. The sun was out here in Jeddah. Uncle Fed is going to eat some debt. Not all bad

Airborne dad said...

Trust me, LAW, I am voting.

And uncle brother, I will try to skype tomorrow....your early evening.

MightyMom said...

AND you dropped my comment?? NOW I'm really bummed!

the comment was

"well, at least it ain't raining" followed by a clap of thunder and instant downpour.

the name of the movie is The Young Frankstein...a Mel Brooks movie that I HIGHLY recommend to get you through these harsh days.

hey, how's the tiki bar coming??