Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some dads

Some of us think alike and act the same when our sons are deployed. This from a friend of mine whose son is returning home from Iraq:

Below is a shortened Letterman top 10 list of things I thought I would
never do.

6. Have a map of Iraq on my desk and know all of the towns/roads in Anbar
5. Have a clock set to Baghdad time.
4. Send the Marine support network contact info every time I leave town.
3. Cruise military websites and blogs for info.
2. Become conversant with military slang. Example: belly bling = shrapnel
1. Get misty eyed when the flag is raised and the National Anthem is played.

Let's see: I had a map of Iraq and a street map of Baghdad (currently in storage). My Baghdad clock is currently set for Riyahd (Saudi Arabia) where my brother and sister-in-law currently reside. I have thrown most of my military bookmarks away. I can tell you what a dead man's profile is (no physical activity)and the roughest part of the Jaguars football game is the National Anthem.


ABNPOPPA said...

Hmmm, 5 0ut of 6 ain't bad. Of course if it came from Letterman the chicken hearted SO_ wouldn't be allowed to say that if it weren't for young men and women like Sgt. Mark and Spec Jacob and the rest of the One Percenters!

MightyMom said...

I just can't imagine....and hope I never can.

god bless all of you.

DNR said...

When my brother was in Iraq -
6 - I had a 3x4 map in the wall in my cube. It is now hanging in the factory so others can keep updated.
5 - Yep, it is a setting on my watch.
4 - Yep
3 - Still do, to a lesser degree.
2 - My fav is ‘high speed, low drag’
1 - always have

I’ll have to re-evaluate this list if my son goes. Serving in the reserves... for now.