Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Should have stayed

We haven't finished cleaning up from TS Fay yet and a trio of tropical storms has lined to give all of us Floridians a thrill. I am hopeful that we won't have to evacuate as they did for Gustav. However, that evacuation was so successful that I believe it will become vogue for the smallest of storms.

I should have stayed in Fayetteville. But it looks as Hanna may visit Ft. Bragg as well. Whoohooo!


Stacy said...

Thinking of you all. We were so fortunate that we have not gotten any more than we have so far.

Infantry Dad said...

I don't like the look of the track for Hanah.
Hope she's fickle and decides to head E-N-E out to sea.
sounds like you had a great trip to Feyetteville.

MightyMom said...

yup on the evacuation bit. gonna run y'all out of town for every wisp of cloud from now on....still...better to be safe than dead. BUT!!

take care of you and yours.

Airborne dad said...

Things are looking a little better this a.m. Looks like it will be a drive by.