Monday, September 1, 2008

Ft. Bragg, pt. 3

USS North Carolina
Wilmington, NC
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Moores Creek National Historic Battlefield
Carver, NC
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Spent the day touring Eastern North Carolina. Had a grand time, despite all of the driving. Not a lot of time for commentary this morning because I am heading back to Florida shortly. I will have more to say during the week.

I will say this: PTSD is not necessarily a flower that blooms in the first light at the end of deployment.


ABNPOPPA said...


How did you like the Battleship? Lived in Wilmington for 5 years and took every relative that visited us there. Was just awesome every time we went.

Wanna elaborate on the PTSD via email?


Airborne dad said...


It was great. Quite the museum piece and worth the drive. I confess that the ship's ladders were a little tough on my 56-year-old legs, especially with two cameras in tow.

Mark and I had visited the USS Massachusetts at Battleship Cove on the Fall River in Massachusetts a number of years ago. I thought the North Carolina was in better shape.

On the other item: Sure.

Airborne dad said...



MightyMom said...

beautiful ship!!

great shots....but now I expect nothing less for you!

on PTSD, no sadly, it doesn't come out right away...or even all at once.

and it's a tricky fiend.

I'm afraid all of our military who come home will at some point suffer in their own way. Makes me sad. All I can say (as a nurse) is encourage your soldiers to get the help they need as early as they only festers with time.

(yeah, right Sarah....tell a vet to go ask for help... noted.)

praying for Mark and Jacob. God Bless.