Saturday, September 13, 2008

Curing the Fayetteville funk and Ike

Gayle and I headed out to the beach today figuring a little vitamin D and shark tooth hunting might cure my version of the Fayetteville funk. It was also an opportunity to shoot some photographs for La Florida.

When we got there, the beach was quiet and uncrowded. A mild east wind piled clouds along the sea breeze line and the sanderlings and willets scooted along tide line. We gave thanks that we still had a beach and said a silent prayer for the people who live in East Texas and West Louisiana devastated by Ike.

At Ft. Bragg, the Humvees were lined up in front of 2nd Brigade headquarters and soldiers were loading duffel bags. There were Joe rumors that some of the 82nd Airborne was heading out for disaster relief and judging by the early video from Texas, they are going to be needed. But we really don't where they were headed.

I was in a meeting with one of the executives from a local convenience store chain yesterday. He said the price of wholesale gasoline shot up a $1.60 yesterday, which should send gas prices over $5 shortly. Ike will be a national calamity if that happens.

So with the news from Fayetteville sounding a little more promising yesterday and gas prices shooting through the roof, we are going to try for a quiet, worry-free weekend.

Cheers. And go Jaguars.

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ABNPOPPA said...


Ah, the beach, a great place to relax. We used to do that in Wilmington. She read and I fished, She completed many a book and every now and then I caught a fish, but I have to admit I didn't try very hard.

My 1/4 unit is on 24 hr standby same rumor. Better Texas than somewhere else.

Great pictures as always,

Prayers for you and yours,