Saturday, July 5, 2008

What a difference a year makes

Baghdad, 2007

Ponte Vedra Beach, 2008


lottery winners said...

We should have a great day today.

Infantry Dad said...

I like Ponte Verda Beach 2008 best.
Hope your having a great weekend.

Airborne dad said...

Me too, Dad. Me too. Hope you and Matt are having a good time.

Infantry Dad said...

Sorry I spelled your town wrong Dad.
We're doing well.
Played golf with all three sons for the first time on Thursday.
The obligatory bar-b-que Friday, a few (to many) beers and small fireworks show.
Strange to watch him in public situations, quick head movements surveying the surroundings, sizing up individuals, and taking a position with a wall to the rear and the crowd in front.
Going to a take a long time for that to go away.
I guess.

Have you read, "The Unlikely Soldier"?

Link on my sidebar.

Enjoy your time.

Airborne dad said...


I have been by the Unlikely Soldier a couple of times. I'm sorry he is quitting writing. He is very talented and, as he said, getting it out is very therapeutic.