Thursday, July 10, 2008

Change in status

SPC Mark is no longer SPC Mark. Yesterday, he received his stripes and he is now SGT Mark. Date of rank was effective July 1.

Part of the reason he hasn't been by here lately was the amount of preparation he had to do for the promotions board and his attendance at Warrior Leader Course (WLC). And he is up for two more schools this summer, so I'm not sure when he will back.

He's not the first SGT Mark in the family. Way back in the day - 1973 - I was also SGT Mark. Except I was a company clerk and an acting E-5. I was assigned to a small headquarters company that ran training facilities for the National Guard and the Army Reserve. The CO felt he needed another NCO in the office besides the first sergeant. While he's not the first SGT Mark, he is the only SGT Mark who has earned it.


ABNPOPPA said...

Congratulations to



Buttons popping off your shirt 'Dad?

Airborne dad said...

Thanks, Pop.

Buttons are popping.

Infantry Dad said...

Congrats to SGT Mark.
I've got to go change my side bar to reflect the promotion.

Airborne dad said...

Thanks, Dad. Appreciate your stopping by.