Thursday, July 31, 2008

We're back

The One Percenters were in Boston the last few days celebrating the wedding of my niece Jessie, the only girl born into our family line since July 21, 1861. It was quite the affair and we had a great time.

I was within a whisker of Infantrydad's place. But we both agreed to try the lobster dinner I owe him later when family activities weren't so jammed packed. His son was still home on block leave. Besides the FDA issued some type of alert on Maine lobster anyway.

Been hearing some rumbling about Afghanistan. More on that later.


ABNPOPPA said...


Was that 1861?!!!!!!!!!!!! That's 147 years. WOW Glad to see you back. I don't like rumblings but I have heard some also. How's the Sgt. doing? Fine, I hope. Posted a new soldier on Mark 1:11 that deployed about a month ago please to keep SSG Cross in your thoughts,'specially since he is holed up with a bunch of Marines. LOL.

Airborne dad said...


It was indeed 1861....I will drop by Mark 1:11 today and will add SSG Cross to our list.

SGT is doing fine, outdid himself at the wedding. How's the SPC?

Still a lot of rumblings but not able to confirm anything.

ABNPOPPA said...

147 years WOW. I am a very lucky guy I have 5 beautiful granddaughters and one very beautiful daughter. I guess congratulations are in order.

AIRBORNE guys always seem to outdo them selves. Jacob got a call about 0230 hours last Sunday from 3 , shall we say slightly outdone paratroopers looking for a ride back to Bragg. Of course the taxi rolled and they were safely deposited at the barracks. Gotta look out for one another.

Spec is doing OK save a slight knee problem. Going for an CSCAN this week. Maybe some Arther Scop in the future. Been a little tender since last jump and he had to run off some guys chute and landed a little sideways. Sorry you missed you your lobster, maybe next time.

Infantry Dad said...

Good see your home safe and sound.
Hope you enjoyed the cooler weather.
Maybe Favre will end up in J-ville, then you'll have a chance at redemption.
Manny took his traveling circus on the road, finaly.
Hate seem un grateful for all his bat did for the Sox, but the crap he pulled was getting old.

Glad to hear Mark is well.

Matt will be headed back Sunday morning.
He's ready.

Airborne dad said...

We did enjoy the weather except when we were flying. Spent more time in airports than we did at our destination.

Glad Matt's doing well.

Gayle and I are definitely coming back next year. Much to see. Love Minute Man National Historic Park and nearby Concord.

Agreed about Manny but those of us outside of New England really didn't know it was going on.

Infantry Dad said...

Next year would give us a lot of time to plan a get together.
Hopefuly life will be a lot less complicated at that time.
I'm sure we will talk a bit between now and then.
Sgt Mark is'nt 3rd bde is he?

Airborne dad said...

Mark, along with Pop's son Jacob, is in the 2nd Brigade aka Falcon Brigade.

Don't think we will need Favre, although he would be fun to watch. We are good at QB but hurting at WR. Two injuries and a cocaine bust (sigh)