Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just another Sunday

Our twenty-something neighbors cranked up a three-kegger Sunday. Started at noon and ran until about 10 p.m. with a rousing chorus of happy birthday to Julie, who turned 21. There were so many people at the party, the sheriff's department came and had everyone move their cars because emergency vehicles couldn't get through the street.

Just another Sunday.

Down the street, one of our neighbors was having a baby shower. We've never met them but they are part of the wave of youngsters moving into our neighborhood just like we did 25 years ago. Looked like about 30 - 40 people attended.

Just another Sunday.

One block over, the bunko ladies were having a birthday party for one of their members. It was quite the affair. Gayle escaped early before any serious damage was done.

Just another Sunday.

And the media briefly reported that nine U.S. soldiers were killed and 15 others injured when Al-Qaeda and the Taliban breached an FOB in the Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan. It was one of the worst American losses since the Afghanistan war began. It stayed on the main web page of most of the MSM for a while but drifted down as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae became the story of the day. Not a peep since then except for a story in USA Today yesterday.

Just another Sunday.

The Korengal Valley has been one of the deadliest places for American troops in either war. It has received a passing mention in the New York Times and Vanity Fair but, as with virtually everything that has to do with "the Other War," it has received very little coverage. The 10th Mountain Division and the 173rd Airborne Brigade has persevered under the most trying of circumstances facing a persistent and well-organized enemy.

It was not just another Sunday.

Just ask Michael Bogar. His son Jason was one of the nine who died in the attack.

Our hearts and prayers are with the family.

There is a blog thread over at Any Soldier about the Korengal Valley. Click on from newest to oldest to see the most recent post.


Anonymous said...

Dear airborne dad: I too pray for those young men over there. My son was at the KOP for 15 months with the 1/32 10th Mountain Div.. Under NATO command, small outposts of augmented squads of American soldiers were posted with the Afghan Nat. Army (ANAs)in villages to help protect them. 173rd Abn has continued that practice. The flaw and danger in the plan is two fold: 1.) if known civilians occupy a house from where firing is occurring our forces cannot return fire under NATO engagement rules; and 2.) those positions cannot be protected by air in those close valleys; not to mention those in the small compounds that rarely have more than wire and sandbags for protection.

Rules of engagement need to be changed. If we receive fire from a village home, that home should be leveled civilians or not. Otherwise, this tactic will continue on the part of the Taliban.

God Bless and Protect our troops over there.

a proud and worried father

Airborne dad said...

Hope your son is home and doing well. We are all proud and worried at the same...many prayers are being said.

With all the talk of adding brigades, I suspect the ROE will have to change as well. No use sending in extra troops if they can't do anything.

Anonymous said...

My son is also serving over in Kunar. I's as much the rules of engagement that are killing our soldiers as it is the enemy. When an innocent civilian knowingly harbors a enemy fighter...they cease to be innocents.

Vicki...173rd mom...

Airborne dad said...


I hope your son will be out of Kunar soon. We will keep your family in our prayers.

ABNPOPPA said...

Really don't want to know this info yet. Jacob has heard rumors about their next rotation and Afghan is being mentioned a lot. I'm not recovered from the last 15 months yet! Thanks for the link, might as well start briefing myself. By the way beautiful piks and flowers you must have a green hand not just a thumb.

I heard the news before going to church and it made for a very sad Sunday.

Bless the families of those brave warriors.

Airborne dad said...


Lot of Joe rumors kicking around. The Fayetteville paper reported some months ago that 2nd Brigade would resume its traditional "first responder" role in April 2009. Of course, this is the Army and anything can change.

The training cycles, when they start, will tell us a lot about the future.

ABNPOPPA said...


Your right about the rumors and the Training cycles. Time will tell.

MightyMom said...

Hi Dad, I'm catching up with you tonight. I'm back to nights and glad to be able to come by my friends' places. As usual, you've made me laugh and made me cry.

that's quite the puppy and lovely flowers too.

Congrats on the promotion. and God Bless.