Sunday, July 20, 2008

Off topic: Living in paradise

There are a lot of things we like about living in Florida:

The Atlantic Ocean

Youngest son Jon losing it in the surf
Photo from The Florida Times-Union

Spectacular vistas

Jacksonville Beach sunrise
Photo by Mike M.

Working outdoors

Oldest son Mike, soon to be a biologist, in the background checking a monitoring device.
Photo from A-1, The Florida Times-Union

Zany wildlife

White ibises doing the neighbor's yard work
Photo by Mark M.

But there are some things we don't like:

July heat

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tropical weather

Hurricane Wilma, Deerfield Beach
Photo by Mike M.

For more Florida photos, see La Florida
a photo blog that Mike and I, with a friend, manage


MightyMom said...

Now I don't get too bothered by 100+ temps as they are "normal" round here...but having been in Orlando-ish in mid July 9 years ago (as in Honeymoon) I can tell ya, 100 here is NOT the same as 100 there. Y'all's humidity is a killer!! I wilted like a hot-house flower!

Great pics.

ABNPOPPA said...

That is absolutely a beautiful sunrise Mike took. Only one person can paint those colors, God!

Have a great day,and stay cool!


Airborne dad said...

Indeed, Pops, indeed.

MM: Usually we have a sea breeze that keeps things reasonably nice here even with the humidity. But without a sea breeze, it is definitely a hot house.