Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday updates

*Airborne dog Glider is resting comfortably after surgery this morning. This was scheduled and part of the contract when he was purchased. All of the dogs and cats that we have owned during the last 35 years have been neutered. We can pick up from the vet tomorrow at 9 a.m. The house is eerily quiet without him.

*All the stories we have heard about the VA are apparently true. They are painfully slow in processing benefits and have put a veteran and parents in a predicament as to how to afford college in stressed economy.

*After two weeks of collusion and conspiracy between Gayle and my oldest son, a feral kitty has shown up at our house. She is all black and named Isabeau (pictures to come). My son and DIL are moving to Port St. Lucie and there have been a number of feral cats born at an apartment complex behind his house. He has rescued two and we now have the third. She has gone from feral to domesticated in about 24 hours. Border collie Olustee is quite taken with her.

*MSM has started to pick up its coverage of Afghanistan....finally. Couple of stories in both the Post and the Times and NBC and CBS have run some Afghanistan related stories.

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lola said...

Gotta love the collusion to get some four-legged fur babies into the house. I'm glad they're all getting along and I can't wait to see pictures!