Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Introducing Isabeau

Arrived here by collusion and conspiracy. Not an Airborne cat since Mark is not a cat person. But since my oldest son, the prime conspirator, is a Jimmy Buffet fan....she is a Margaritaville cat. She has taken over the Tiki bar as her own.

Glider is recovering from surgery. Absolutely hates the cone...he is miserable. The vet said to keep him calm for a week. Riiggghhht. He is an Aussie with only one speed: full speed ahead. Good luck with that.


lola said...

Hahah, love the pictures. Isabeau is beautiful!

Oh, and one of my favorite things? Seeing dogs in their poor little astronaut hats.

Airborne dad said...

He is so pitiful. I'm not sure we can keep it on him for five more days.

I have short video for tomorrow.

MightyMom said...

oh the poor guy!!

he looks just plain sad.

first you steal his jewels...then you bring in a CAT while he's gone and now you humiliate him with the CONE!!

oh the shame.

Airborne dad said...

Poor little guy. He is so miserable but he and the kitten are getting along remarkably.

ABNPOPPA said...

How many toes does that cat have? If she a real Jimmy Buffet fan she's from Key West and the cats are different there.


Love Letters to an American Soldier said...

Oh how adorable! What a beautiful family ;)

Airborne dad said...


She has the right number of toes, so she's a Jacksonville cat. Hadn't thought about the Hemingway cats. At any rate, she thinks she's a dog.