Tuesday, July 14, 2009

*Staff Sergeant First Class John C. Beale* June 11, 2009

Georgia recently sent elements of its 48th BCT to Afghanistan. Within 3 weeks 3 of their warriors were killed by an IED explosion. The following video is simply magnificent. It's 12 minutes long, but it makes an incredible point - the people of America love and honor their warriors and appreciate the sacrifice they make. The video is shot from inside the procession which picked up the remains of SSG John Beale and shows the crowds which turned out to honor him as it traveled through various parts and towns in Henry County, GA, where SSG Beale was from.


Anonymous said...

The patriotism and respect illustrated in this video is amazing! At least those of us in the South still understand that freedom isn’t free and are proud to show our sincere gratitude to the heroes among us who willingly pay the price.

Love Letters to an American Soldier said...

Wow what a great video. Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds!