Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday news and notes

Arrival: Mark arrived around 10 last night. His brother Mike and sister-in-law Tara had come over for burgers and brats before he showed up. After he arrived, his girlfriend Andrea came over and then friends Steve, Susan and Duncan. In the midst of all of this confusion were five very excited dogs.

Steve, Susan and Duncan are special friends because they have been there from the beginning. Steve and Susan came to visit Mark when he graduated basic training at Ft. Benning. Duncan lives in California and came here twice when Mark had finished his first tour in Iraq and later for R&R.

With all of this celebration, did anyone think to take any

Observation: Now that he is home, is it too soon to ask him to finish the Tiki Bar.... :)

Victory/butterfly garden: is in full bloom. An assortment of photographs can be found over at La Florida. Technically, it's not really a victory garden because we only have one tomato plant. But it helped us keep our minds off of Iraq.

The butterflies have arrived in full force.

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