Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dads don't write

For whatever reason, few dads write about their sons or daughters who are at war. I never really understood this. Sure there are plenty of political blogs but rarely any family blogs.

When Mark first went overseas in 2006 (seems like a lifetime ago), I searched the Internet for someone who was in the same shoes as me. I found plenty of excellent blogs, but they were all written by moms, spouses or girlfriends.

After many months, I found Infantry Dad, whose son was in on the "surge" as Mark was. Later, I found Abnpoppa, whose son was in Mark's brigade and in Baghdad the same time he was.

But that's it.

Why is that?

BTW, Happy Father's Day everyone. Having all my sons nearby and safe and healthy is all one could ask for.


MightyMom said...

too many grew up wanting to be John Wayne.

real men don't talk about their hurts.

Airborne dad said...

I guess you're right, Mom.

liberal army wife said...

And I've tried for over a year to get ONE Of the 3 of you to write for Parents Zone... crickets....