Sunday, June 14, 2009

First days

Mark's second full day as a civilian found him trapped on a rented pontoon boat with his girlfriend and six others yesterday in the Matanzas Inlet south of St. Augustine. The storm doubled in size in a matter of minutes and produced a funnel cloud. Thankfully, some residents waved them ashore but the boat driver ran the boat aground and Mark jumped overboard and towed the boat to shore, cutting his feet on some oyster shells in the process. Everyone made it ashore and they weathered the storm in some Good Samaritan's garage.

I wonder what day 3 will be like?


ABNPOPPA said...

See, I told you. Once a paratrooper always a paratrooper. All ready needing that "rush" and saving people. Just like he did when he was in uniform. Hopefully day 3,4,5,......will be a little less stressful.


MightyMom said...

oh goodness!