Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday: News and Notes

Pops fly by:Abnpoppa blew through Jacksonville Monday. He pointed out a photo op via email on which I will have to follow up. Not sure of his final destination but I am happy to say the Florida weather is cooperating nicely.

No news is good news, maybe: Mark was on battalion CQ last night so I haven't heard from him. I am hopeful it was a quiet night. 2nd Brigade is pretty busy with training right now.

Today: started off so nicely. Had a good trip to Tallahassee yesterday. Today's meeting was in St. Augustine, which meant a nice trip down A1A past 3.5 miles of undeveloped beach front (a rarity in Florida). The weather is spectacular. The finches and robins are migrating through. All-in-all, it started out as a great day.

Then the phone started ringing: A lawsuit may stall a license plate project on which I'm working; negotiations to protect 300+ acres of marsh in Atlantic Beach are in peril; and on and on and on. Must be an Ides of March thing.

One of these days I am going to hit I-10 west, miss that Tallahassee exit and end at the California coast. :)


ABNPOPPA said...


I believe it was Horace Greely who said, "go west young man" I am trying to follow his advice. We, ABNMOMMA and I are going to Key West. Time to thaw out the old bones from the Midwestern winter.

Hope you license plate deal goes through. Personally I read license plates all the time to see what they are supporting.

Good Luck


MightyMom said...

well you could stop by Dallas on your way west...

Airborne dad said...


Have a great time in Key West. I dearly miss the Keys and wish I was in Islamorada as I write.


I could and I should. I have flown through Dallas a bazillion times but never been in the city proper.