Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday news and notes

Gayle and I went on a field trip of sorts yesterday to celebrate some Spring like weather. We had hoped to end the trip at Big Talbot Island State Park but the traffic was soooo bad in St. Augustine that we didn't make it. But we did make it down to Washington Oaks Garden State Park, which was truly worth the trip. I will be posting pics at La Florida soon.

Bike week: Today is the last day of Bike Week in Daytona Beach. If there is a recession, there are no signs of it in the biker world. St. Augustine was chocked to the brim with Harleys and Hondas yesterday. For those of us who live here, bike week often seems like bike month. Gayle and I were looking for a beach side restaurant for lunch and couldn't find any with parking. We ended up at a Marineland snack shop.

Best signs: Virtually every business had a "Bikers Welcome" sign on display yesterday. But the ones that attracted the most bikers had "Ice Cold Beer - Bikers Welcome" signs.

Back on topic: CNN aired a piece Friday that featured two Army generals talking about their experiences with PTSD. A written version can be found here. As more ranking officers talk about their experiences, maybe the officers and non-coms down the line will understand that everyone, including themselves, are affected by their wartime experiences.

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MightyMom said...

great video. gators can lie so still forever...then when they go to strike they're like lightning! similar to's spooky really.