Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday news and notes

Ft. Bragg happenings

A slide show of the First Lady's visit to Fayetteville Thursday can be found here. It's at the bottom of the story.

Mark's battalion is in from a long field exercise, so it's a working weekend for him and a lot of other soldiers. I don't think we will see him again until Memorial Day. I am hopeful that he will have a handle on his injury issues soon.

I posted the article below about the Warrior Transition Union at Bragg for a reason. The Army still has a very hard time telling the difference between a s**tbag and a soldier with legitimate health issues. In the Army's defense it would be difficult to tell if someone was shamming or really needed help. But nonetheless, with the spike in suicides and issues concerning PTSD, it's a problem the Army needs to solve.

Backyard mayhem

There was no sleeping in this morning although it was a perfect morning to do it: the beaches are socked in with a heavy fog for the second day in a row (see La Florida). At any rate, the blue jays were making this horrible racket as were the squirrels and an occasional mockingbird. Turns out there was a very large red-shouldered hawk in the sycamore tree next to the bedroom window and the blue jays were running dive-bombing sorties on him. He finally left but the blue jays are now doing victory laps around the backyard.

Front yard mayhem

Jon's surfing clothing sale (RVCA). No sign of recession there.


lolaberly said...

I'm very thankful for the awareness and concern that Michelle Obama has for military families. I read a great article here about her trip:

Infantry Dad said...

I hate Mocking Birds.
Have you ever been around them when they're nesting?
I threatened to take a tennis racket out with me once.
They are mean...

Airborne dad said...


Thanks for the link. It was a very good story.


We have indeed been bombed by mockingbirds. They usually go after the neighborhood cats though.