Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday news and notes

I was going to post another comment regarding the new military policy about allowing the media access to Dover homecomings - with the family's permission - but I am going to let it go. We will see how the policy works and the media behaves in the future.

It's March 1, so the winds are in like a lion. We have what I hope to be the last of the cold snaps this season just to the west of us. It's 67 now but in the next two hours we should lose about 15 degrees. We will be under a tornado watch through the morning. A freeze is predicted for the inland sections of the city but we should be OK at the beach. Gayle and I are both a little antsy about starting up the spring garden.

Bike Week at Daytona started last week and we have been hearing the rattle and thunder of the Harleys as they roll by. We live about four houses off of A1A (once a quiet road, now a four-lane highway). I was told by a curator at the Alligator Farm yesterday that the bull gators there think the Harleys sound like the bellowing male gators in mating season. Keeps them all a bit riled up...but they looked pretty quiet to me. (see La Florida)

Mark has CQ today through Monday so we won't hear from him. It's 34 with a light rain in Fayetteville. They are predicting one to three inches of snow as temperatures drop. I am hopeful for a quiet day while he is on duty.

Infantry Dad's son, who was due to ETS in April, has been given a stop-loss notice. I thought we were done will all of that in light of the positive news in the recruitment numbers. Apparently not. We will keep the family in our prayers.


Infantry Dad said...
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Airborne dad said...


I'd be happy to do the same thing if you think that it will help. This is too painful to think about much less live through.

Infantry Dad said...

Dad, I don't suppose it would hurt.
I spent some time setting up a petition on "" this afternoon.
I just put a link in a new post. Please take a minute to look it over. If you agree, I would certainly appreciate your backing, and support.
Keep in mind that this is not a selfish thing.
The anger is done.
I'm going to spend as much time as I can trying to make people aware of this policy, and get support to get it changed.
The disappointment is spurring me to action to help insure that others won't have to feel the same.
The Army must find a fair method of gaining the numbers they need, and enticing individuals to stay once they are in.
If they make Army life a more rewarding experience, and re-enlisting more equitable, just maybe more people will choose it as a career.

Infantry Dad said...

Dad, I deleted the first comment at the request of Matt. He's concerned about being identified and scorned for giving out that type of information.
Top secret military stuff you know...

MightyMom said...

sad bad dad had

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very very sad

he had a bad day

what a day dad had.

Dr Seuss