Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hurry up and wait - hurricane style

Tropical storm Fay is slowing down and really won't get to Jacksonville until late Wednesday. The current prediction has it hanging around the area just off coast for a couple of days. That means, given its slow weakening, it will be a big rainmaker for us.

Like most of Florida, Jacksonville and the Beaches are very low, which means in heavy rains it floods easily. We are just recovering from a prolonged drought, so the ground is already saturated and it promises to be a very wet week.

There is another system at sea, so we will be going through this again soon. The perils of living in paradise. I'll post pictures as needed.


MightyMom said...

break out your water wings.

ABNPOPPA said...


looks like it took a slight turn to the left. I hope it comes up the west side of the Appalachians so we get some rain in Ohio. We could use it but not in buckets like it appears you may get. Try to stay dry.


Stacey said...

Maybe my family and I are lucky but we didn't get ANYTHING from Fay. Right now, the sun is peeking through at 6:15PM. We didn't get one raindrop!! It looks like she's coming back for more though. We'll see how this all turns out. Be safe!