Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another outrage

Soldiers pay bag fee on travel to war.

Several airlines have been charging soldiers $100 to $300 in excess baggage fees for their duffel bags as they head off to the war zones. The complete story can be found in yesterday's Washington Times.


"American [Airlines], which recently charged two soldiers from Texas $100 and $300 for their extra duffel bags, said it gives the military a break on the cost for excess luggage and that the soldiers who incur the fees are reimbursed.

"Because the soldiers don't pay a dime, our waiver of the fees amounts to a discount to the military, not a discount to soldiers," said Tim Wagner, spokesman for American Airlines. "Soldiers should not have to pay a penny of it."

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) spokesman Joseph Davis said service members destined for Iraq should not have to spend the money out of pocket and should not have to worry about filing expense forms in a war zone.

"That's a lot to ask when the service member has much more important things on their minds, such as staying alive and keeping those around them alive," he said."


Anonymous said...

Pretty sad that it has come to this as a result of the airlines not doing their internal security. It is 95% that reason why we are over there in the first place. Bunch of inconsiderate bastards...

Anonymous said...

This is so outrage, American is wrong, the soldiers may never get payed back. First their fighting for you American CEO be able to keep your plane in the sky. Remember their not getting pay your wages of $200,000.00 or more a year, most soldiers are only getting 26,000.00 - 30,000.00 a year. So outrage with American and any airline that charges any soldier anything going to Iraq. How can any Airline CEO sleep at night?
Our soldiers and families pay enough when they go over there. How do you think they get extra underclothing,personal needs, blankets, etc. I know my son was over Iraq for 18 months the cost buy and ship things he needed was close to $2,000.00.
Hope ever American sends e-mail everyone they know what these Airlines are doing.

Anonymous said...

Why are we asking a company to subsidize troops baggage. It should be the governments responsiblility to transport the troops and there baggage. The company and citizens already pay taxes that pays for there transportation. The government is to blame not the airline.

MoMoll said...

I agree with anonymous. WHY should the airlines take on this fee? They are not the ones sending our people to war. OUR governmant is responsible for these soldiers. They are risking thier lives for the country (NOT the airlines)! The government has made DEALS to protect contractors (although soldiers are exempt)! These soldiers should be exempt from paying for THEIR transport (to possible death), and BILLS incured intheir absence! WHAT do our lovely candidates for Presidents say! NOTHING!

Anonymous said...

I don't care if it's the airlines *or* the governments responsibility to make sure our soldiers are not charged baggage fees. They should NOT be charged period!

American Airlines, this is probably the worst PR for you in the entire history of your company.

Anonymous said...

While my son was in Iraq, he lost an entire backpack with extra clothing, when it was dropped into a puddle of oil/sewage etc. We shipped new items to him, which we paid for out of our own pockets, since he had no way to purchase these items, which he desparately needed. We also sent, blankets, sheets, pillows, underwear, socks etc. etc. Since the US Govt. didn't provide. If you think our Govt. will reimburse these airline baggage fees to our soldiers, then you probably don't know anyone who has actually been in country. These men and women live in the most primitive conditions, yet, some people think they are going over to live in 4 star hotels. Any airline fees for baggage is a hardship on our soldiers. If it comes out of their pockets we should all be outraged. Exxon Mobile made billions in profits so far in 2008. Let's ask them to pay the soldier's extra baggage fees.

Infantry Dad said...

Anonymous post #3 hit the nail on the head.

Airborne dad said...


I agree with you. However, the government does reimburse the soldiers...except they have to fill out a form while in a combat in the end, most soldiers end up eating the cost. That's the feds for you.

On Mark's first deployment, he probably could have dealt with this. But on his second....I doubt the First Sergeant would have wanted to deal with it.

liberal army wife said...

any of you actually tried to get reimbursed??? My DH just got the last of his travel pay - a YEAR after the trip!!!!!! We can afford it, but I know a lot of younger troops cannot. $300.... folks, that is day care for two weeks, or a car payment... These families are going through enough, to have their deployed spouse paying for this is just BS.