Saturday, August 23, 2008

Debris city

Fay has left our fair part of Florida. We fared well, better than many others. Mostly cosmetic damage. - tree limbs etc. Another day or two and we will have it cleaned up. Then we will be ready for the next one.


MightyMom said...

glad all is well for you! May or June???? e gads.

Infantry Dad said...

Good to hear you came through it ok.
I was watching all weekend and saw it heading North. Then it took a turn to the West, and I breathed a little easier.
How's the SGT doing?

Airborne dad said...

If the current rumors hold to be true - and I think they will - then he is going to be stop lossed for eight months. We were hoping to have him start at the University of North Florida in September 2009, but we may lose a year.

Glad TS Fay is out of here. Friday was a little too exciting for me.