Friday, May 9, 2008

Distractions: TPC and promotability

Ernie Els
Photo by Mark M. (the other one)

This time of year, golf becomes an enormous distraction for those of us who live in Jacksonville. The Players Championship, which claims the best field in golf, takes place a short distance from where we live. For us in North Florida, it means two things: The return of hot weather (yesterday it was in the 90s) and unbearable traffic (getting out of our neighborhood is a life threatening experience). Usually we surrender and go to the tournament, if nothing else, to watch the people. It's a zoo.

On Wednesday, the PGA Tour presented Jack Nicklaus with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The Navy band was there to play the National Anthem, but not a peep about the troops overseas. But we shouldn't complain. The Tour gave SPC Mark tickets to a Jacksonville Jaguar game when he came home from his first deployment. It was greatly appreciated.

At Ft. Bragg, the Red Falcon battalion promotion board met. Young Mark appeared and apparently did well although he won't know officially for a couple of weeks how well he did. But he had been very busy preparing, which is why we haven't heard from him recently. He has a little time off this weekend and I am hopeful that he will return to the keyboard.

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