Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All American week

Monday began a week long celebration of the creation of the 82nd Airborne, the All American division. It started with a division run with all division soldiers and commanders participating. A story and video can be found here.

The story says about 1,200 soldiers participated but it was more like 12,000. The Fayetteville Observer put it at closer to 16,000. Here's the Observer's slideshow.


Infantry Dad said...

We use to jokingly refer to the 82nd as Alcoholics Anonymous division.
Though most members I knew were far from anonymous.

Honestly a unit with a storied history of greatness.
Mark is, and will be proud to be a member for the rest of his life.
As will you.

Airborne dad said...

It may be a joke but the barracks can be a pretty rowdy place on the weekends. Been there, seen that.