Sunday, May 18, 2008

Armed Forces Day

Yesterday was Armed Forces Day, a celebration established in 1949. I only knew about it because my little Peoples First Community Bank calendar reminded me. No mention of it in the local papers or any of the Internet news sites I frequent daily.

I may have my memories garbled - my brother will correct me if I am wrong - but as a youngster growing up in East Aurora, NY, Armed Forces Day meant a parade down Main Street. All the kids would decorate their bikes with streamers and fix baseball cards to the spokes of their bicycles with clothes pins to make faux motorcycle noises.

But not anymore.

I talked with all three sons yesterday. They didn't mention it nor did I. It's easy to blame the media for this one, but I am as much responsible for the demise of the celebration as anyone.

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Airborne dad said...

In a follow up from the above post, I found celebrations in Harrisburg, PA; Torrance, CA; Salem, OR; Topeka, KS; and Ft. Jackson, S.C.