Sunday, October 18, 2009

Small world

The genesis of this blog came from a an October 2007 op-ed piece in the New York Times entitled Party here, sacrifice there by Will Bardenwerper, a former Army infantry officer. He said:

"Serious problems with the war in Iraq are well chronicled, but I am struck by one that does not seem to trouble the country’s leadership, even though it is profoundly corrosive to our common good: the disparity between the lives of the few who are fighting and being killed, and the many who have been asked for nothing more than to continue shopping."

I named the blog The One Percenters for the small percentage of Americans who have been carrying the burdens of these wars for six years. I didn't realize how small that world was until recently.

A few weeks back, SGT Mark's team leader in Iraq, SSG Michael C. Murphrey, was killed in Afghanistan. SSG Murphrey had moved from the 82nd Airborne to the 25th Infantry, 4th Brigade (Airborne)and was deployed overseas. As soldiers SGT Mark and SSG Michael were brothers (a tribute is posted below).

It turns out, based on a cruise around Facebook, that a member of our local Military Support Group here in Florida likely has a son in the same unit as SSG Murphrey's. Our friend's name is Mike Ammiano and his son's name is Chris. Mike has been to a couple of our meetings and we have heard about how terribly difficult this deployment has been. I've never met Chris but have his name on my computer so I can remember him in silent prayer.

So there it is - a small world, one that Gayle and I never expected to be in, but are greatly honored to be part of. We have in the last four years met some of the most extraordinary men and women you could ever know. It is a privilege to know them.

To the family of SSG Murphrey: There isn't a day we don't think about you and Michael. We owe Michael a debt we can never repay: He brought our son home alive....twice. I wish I could have told him thank you.

To the Ammianos: Prayers that this deployment ends soon. Godspeed to the 25th and a safe return home.

A small world indeed.


ABNPOPPA said...


A small family for sure. Let it be know to all who read this we are a close knit family. When one hurts we all hurt. Prayers Sgt. Mark's comrade in arms.



Airborne dad said...

Thanks, Pops. We are indeed a tight knit family.