Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday news and notes

Support group:Our military support group meets Saturday evening and I'm afraid the news isn't great. Two of our families have sons deployed to Afghanistan in two different Army units. Each of the units have lost eight men so far...and these are small units(maybe company level). Thankfully, our families soldier's are OK, under the circumstances. We have another Marine leave in December. This will be his first deployment to Afghanistan after two in Iraq.

Other notes:

*I will be posting pictures of Mark's seven month old pup soon. I had hoped to catch him running around the yard with a flower pot on his head, but he destroyed the pot before I could grab a photo. The pup knows he just seven months old so he believes he is still a lap dog, despite his 65 lbs.

*What a difference a year makes. For a long time, Afghanistan was considered the forgotten war. Now it's Iraq. Pardon me for being a bit cynical but my take on this is twofold:

There is better video (from a TV producers perspective) coming out of Afghanistan;
and the media now has a chance to hype a potential conflict between the President and his generals.

Nothing like that going on in Iraq right now.


MightyMom said...

damn, I was waiting for that flower pot pic.

Airborne dad said...

Me too, but he destroyed it. It's that teething thing.