Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday news and notes

Bug attack: I was on the phone this morning when screams started emanating from the kitchen. It seems a cicada and found its way into the sink and startled Gayle. Mark came in and rescued the bug and it started screaming. I guess if you have spent 17 years in the ground and your big moment is about to end, you would start screaming too. Mark turned it loose. The yard is full of them this year. They actually drown out the noise from A1A.

News from Afghanistan and Iraq:Couple of long pieces in The New York Times Magazine the last two weeks. The first dealt with the Karzai government and the difficulties of ruling an unruly country. The second story...a quite shocking one...deals with a woman from Baquba who wants to be a suicide bomber.

VA: No change. School starts next week.


MightyMom said...

we haven't had any cicadas in our bushes in a couple years...apparently the neighbor cat that's adopted our bushes as his house likes to eat them.....makes it much easier to hear the TV in the summer without the little buggers!

what's this 17 years in the mud bit??

Airborne dad said...

They spend 17 years underground before emerging and making a lot of noise and mating. Then the babies head back underground for another 17 years. They are very ancient insects.