Monday, August 3, 2009

CPT Speicher: the family reacts

From The Florida Times-Union:

By Timothy Gibbons

After an 18-year saga, the remains of downed F/A-18 pilot Michael Scott Speicher have been found in Iraq, the Pentagon announced Sunday, buried in a grave near where his plane crashed on the first day of Operation Desert Storm.

“We thank the active duty men and women whose diligence has made this happen,” the family said in a statement about the search released by their lawyer, Cindy Laquidara.

The family, which declined to comment, is digesting the news but still has questions, Laquidara said, particularly relating to exactly when Speicher died.

“We’re discrediting the rumor that he died in the crash,” Laquidara said in an interview. “That’s just not accurate.”

That information does not fit with data the family has collected over the years, she said, an issue it will bring up during an expected meeting with the Defense Department.

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