Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Soggy Wednesday news and notes

Memorial Day weekend Looks like Mark may make it home for Memorial Day after all. He is starting to get ready to out process and has gear that needs to be cleaned and turned it before he is released.

Mom and Dad, the pupmeisters, would also like a relief day from Glider, although he really isn't much trouble. Our yard is not puppy friendly and we have to watch him as we make it safer for him.

He now has his own website at Glider

The Weather Channel is still here. This storm isn't as bad as TS Fay but I fear a good portion of the weekend will be spent picking up debris. Earlier, Mike Seidel was saying that if you were heading to the First Coast (the Beaches) for the weekend, you had better stay away. However, they have backed off that as the storm moves toward the Gulf of Mexico.

Memorial Day Ceremony The notice I received this week about the ceremonies at the Veteran's Memorial Wall said seven more names had been added to the wall this year.


ABNPOPPA said...

I just heard on FOX you have gotten over an inch of rain. 'Course they didn't say how long but you got at least an inch. Thought you might want to know.

Did you forget this was All American Week at Fort Bragg? You must be too excited about Sgt. Mark coming home and of course Glider setting up his own web site. LOL.. Have a GREAT weekend!


Airborne dad said...

Thanks. We are well over 7 inches and should be near a foot by Thursday night.

The Fayetteville Observer didn't give All American Week much play and with Mark not being able to participate...I plum forgot.

Dog with its own website...clearly we have our priorities wrong LOL

Good weekend to you to.

Infantry Dad said...

Build an ark.
13 States in 4 days. We made it.
The post it can be retired.
Can't wait until Mark is through.
Stay dry.

MightyMom said...

there's gonna be a fight over that dog once SGT Mark's home!

that or you'll be buying one for yourself!1