Sunday, May 17, 2009

Armed Forces Day

Yesterday was Armed Forces Day. Not a peep in the media about it here as far as I could tell. If Wikipedia is correct, yesterday was the 50th anniversary. My flag was out, but then it always is.


ABNPOPPA said...

Same here in Ohio. Not a peep. I wonder if they will remember Memorial Day. Oh yes, it's a day off of work, they'll remember.


lola said...

I'm not sure if they mentioned it in DC or not, but they had the GI Film Festival this week up here. I would think that they would have mentioned it!

I saw "The Way We Get By" and it was really great. If you get a chance to see it (it will be on PBS nationwide on Veteran's day, but that's kind of a long time to wait) I think you'd enjoy it. It's about the Maine Troop Greeters.