Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday: news and notes

Mark got most of his out-processing done yesterday. Just a few more on Monday. I scraped his Fort Bragg decal off his old truck and FEDEX'd to him. That could have been a problem had his brother scraped it off and thrown it away.

I'm on the road to D.C. tomorrow for a round of meetings next week. I was hoping to take my camera gear with me but my back - while much better - put the kibosh on those plans. A little point and shoot will have to do. I expect that there will be more trips to Washington if we have any success with Congress and the White House Council of Environmental I will have a chance to go to Arlington National Cemetery.

When I get back, Mark will have just over a week left. Can't get over it.


ABNPOPPA said...

Have a safe trip there and back. You have a VIP coming home very shortly. I am sure he will need some comforting at a local watering hole. God Bless him 'dad. One less child out of harms way. It makes me want to cry. Of course I can't I am the parent of an 82ND Airborne soldier and we both know they never show emotion.


Infantry Dad said...

Weeping heals the soul Pops..
Our honor guard was in a Memorial Day ceremony today at the mobile Vietnam Wall. There was some weeping.
And I noticed a few AA patches in attendance.
Can't wait till I can write home for good by Sgt. Marks name in my sidebar.

MightyMom said...

well if I could dance I'd dance for him.....but the best I can do is whoop and holler from my sofa. will that do?

Airborne dad said...

One less child out of harm's true Pops, so true.

ID- I get a little weepy at some of the events...and it doesn't take much of news story about the wars to tear up.

MM - Whoopin' and hollerin' would be great.