Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday: News and notes

The caption contest over at La Florida is still underway. We've had some very funny entries.

We are anticipating some good news out of Ft. Bragg shortly. But not wanting to jinx it, I will be keeping it under wraps until it's official. Stand by.

My oldest son Mike was diving on some wrecks in Key Largo over the weekend. I will be posting some pictures here and at La Florida for the next few days. Here's a sample:

On the deck of the USS Spiegel Grove


ABNPOPPA said...

I'm not going to say what I think it is because I don't want to jinx it either. If I am right when you tell us. I will tell you if I was right.


And I hope I am right

lolaberly said...

I'm a SCUBA diver and have been down in the Keys often. I'm curious if your son has been before and feels that the reefs have been declining. Love the picture though, and I'm hoping you get the good news you're wanting!

Mike said...

Hey lolaberly,

Well they are and aren't from what I can tell. Certain ones seem to be in worse shape than others; however many that I have been on in recent years there... have been great dives! Plentiful and a variety of species....but science tells us otherwise. My buddy is up on the numbers.....I will relay them if you'd like......You can't go wrong with diving within the Marine Sanctuary and with the variety of wreck dives available....less human impact and pressure from divers may be seen in coming years. So Get Wrecked!!!

lolaberly said...

Hey Mike,

When we have gone to the Keys we stay on Tavernier, which I think is just one Key south of Key Largo. I originally started snorkeling on Sombrero Lighthouse and when I was old enough, became SCUBA certified. Sombrero is the one that I remember as having declined most, but it's also one of the "busier" reefs.

I have only had the opportunity to dive on one wreck, the Benwood. Any favorite wrecks in the Keys?

Airborne dad said...


We've been snorkeling in the Keys for about 25 years and have noticed in places a fairly dramatic decline in the health of the reefs. Gayle and I had a chance to go with The Nature Conservancy in Key West on one of their monitoring trips and the reefs we visited were not healthy at all.

The artificial reef program up and down the coast is working but I hope it's not too late.

Mike said...


You can't go wrong with the Speigle Grove (pictured), I think it is still the largest intentially sunk ship on the East coast, but because it is a newer wreck there ins't too much growth on it yet. We also hit the Duane not to far from there, this is my new favorite wreck(I imagine there will be pics up soon)! It isn't so large that you can't see the entire thing, which is a plus, it has good growth on it since it was sunk in the late 80's. I dove the Eagle a few years back, it was pretty cool....lots of Tarpon on it usually and I hear a few weeks back a dive boat sunk right next to it while everyone was still in the water (passed them on its way down)...so that might be worth seeing :)