Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday: News and notes

My main computer was dispatched to the computer emergency room yesterday afternoon. It's vital signs were weak but we are hoping for a full recovery. Most of the data was backed up and the most important information - my photographs - were kept on a separate drive. It was infected with some nasty spyware two weeks ago and has never quite recovered.

There is a caption contest under way over at La Florida today. It's one bird talking to another. Click on the image for best viewing.

News from Ft. Bragg has been quiet...just the way we like it. No Joe rumors as we wind down our Army careers. Mark may be home for a long weekend in February. Meanwhile, the flags fly when the weather permits.


MightyMom said...

good news

entered my caption, great shot!

ABNPOPPA said...

Yes, the Fort Bragg news has been unusually quiet. Makes me nervous. Black Falcons have been doing some training and range work with a jump scheduled this week @ 2300 hours.

Going over to La Florida for the caption contest. Be back shortly


ABNPOPPA said...

Ok, I posted the winner! When can I claim my prize? Buy the way, what was the prize.


Airborne dad said...


There is a JFEX next week so I things will start to get a little busy.

All great contributions on the caption contest.