Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Off topic: Diving on Florida's wrecks

Photo by Sergio Garcia

USS Spiegel Grove
Underwater photos by Mike M.

Intentionally sunk in 1998 to create an artificial reef off Key Largo, Florida. For a history of the vessel, click here.

For more underwater photos, see La Florida.


MightyMom said...

guess it's better than making razor blades out of it.

Here's something interesting. My family has long worked on off shore oil rigs in the gulf. (La) I remember several years ago there was great hoopdela from the "environmentals" about how those rigs, especially the ones that were toppled into the ocean after they were no longer in use did nothing but destroy the underwater sea life....Funny how it died once someone got ahold of the leader and showed how the best fishing etc was to be found around those rigs....


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