Thursday, December 18, 2008

News and notes

For those who are actually doing Christmas shopping this year, here's a reason to go to Sears. Despite declining sales and profits, Sears has remained steadfast in its support of its employees who are members of the Reserves or the National Guard, says NBC News.

We will probably have one more Topps story to post here. The local paper has interviewed Mark and I dropped off two cards to the newsroom yesterday. Stories of the card have spread through Ft. Bragg and he is receiving a fair amount of grief (there's a more specific Army term for this) from his fellow troopers.

Gayle relived her trip to the White House last year as one of the creators of a National Park Christmas Tree ornament. She presented to the Museum of Contemporary Art Guild here in Jax. I was in charge of the Power Point, which choked and crashed the computer. Luckily, someone had a backup and all went off well. Gayle donated three handmade ornaments ala the White House, which fetched $100 at auction for the Guild.

Things are looking well for SGT Mark to attend the University of North Florida next year. With the cooperation of the Army, he could be in school by July.

Oldest son Mike has moved to St. Lucie County where is now a biologist for the county's land preservation program. This will be our first "split" Christmas that I can remember. Even with Mark deployed to Iraq, he was home for Christmas both times.


MightyMom said...

ah and with the new daughter comes new traditions to create. Have fun redefining some of yours!

Airborne dad said...

I shouldn't complain, though. With so many troops deployed, many will be without there loved ones this holiday season.

ABNPOPPA said...

Yes, it gets a little hectic around this time of the year with the children in different places. Just wait until the grandchildren come along! Sounds like both boys are doing pretty dog gone good. Jacob will be here Friday or Saturday which will give us great joy. With a little luck we might get all three children here at the same time. The boys will be separated the entire time!!!