Saturday, December 20, 2008

Editing history

The digital age came too late for me. I could have used it about 30 years ago. Wading through the left over stuff from our spare storage unit, I've come across box after box after box of negatives.

Why am I not retiring early? Because we spent at least $3 million in photo processing in our early days.I don't think there was a second in my kids' lives that hasn't been memorialized. Yikes.

And you know those cool little, see-through sleeves that the negatives came in after they were processed...that promised easy storage and retrieval? Well, they dry up and crack into bazillions of little plastic grains of sand.

All of this work has left me in charge of editing my photo family history.


Any photo that is suitable for embarrassing my sons at such times as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.....those are KEEPERS.

Any photo that embarrasses Mom or Dad.....GONE!

Any photo suggesting that Dad may have a weight problem ....GONE!

Photos of the pets....KEEPERS.

Photos of the kids and pets .....DOUBLE KEEPERS.

Any photo suitable for black mailing our children (such as the purple hair days)....KEEPERS.

And who thought that taking a camera into the Mom's labor room was a good idea? Those photos are going to be seriously EDITED.

It took 34 years to shoot them all and it will probably take 34 years to sort them all out.

The digital age is so much easier, delete, delete, delete.

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MightyMom said...

aaaahhhh I see my future!!!

when the oldest was tiny I bought a disposable camera each month. Yup, 32 shots a month plus processing...every single month...and I had them "developed to a CD" which was more.

oh thank goodness for digital!! :-)