Sunday, June 22, 2008

Who is paying attention?

From Frank Rich in today's NY Times:

"THE Iraq war’s defenders like to bash the press for pushing the bad news and ignoring the good. Maybe they’ll be happy to hear that the bad news doesn’t rate anymore. When a bomb killed at least 51 Iraqis at a Baghdad market on Tuesday, ending an extended run of relative calm, only one of the three network newscasts (NBC’s) even bothered to mention it.

The only problem is that no news from Iraq isn’t good news — it’s no news. The night of the Baghdad bombing the CBS war correspondent Lara Logan appeared as Jon Stewart’s guest on “The Daily Show” to lament the vanishing television coverage and the even steeper falloff in viewer interest in it."


kbug said...

I'm paying attention...and there are many more who pay attention, too. It's just that the general public, with no ties to the military, are too busy worrying about gas prices and the economy. Sad, really sad.

I just found your blog through the Parents Zone. I'll be back to visit...and plan to add your link. I'm glad your son is home safely, give him a hug for me..... :)

Airborne dad said...


Thanks for stopping by. Hard to find any news about the wars, good or bad. Parents Zone has had a good start.