Monday, June 9, 2008

Iraqi orphanage

About a year ago, while on patrol, Mark's unit found an Iraqi orphanage in which two dozen mentally disabled boys were being systematically starved to death. The troops rescued the children and moved them to a secure and safe facility where they recovered.

Lara Logan from CBS did a five-minute segment on the CBS Evening News June 18. Mark later said the situation was so horrific that he may never be able to talk about it. And he hasn't since.

He did say that he had the privilege of retrieving Logan's hat that she left behind and that the entire company was quite enamored with her.

I've attached a link to the story here. Please note that the pictures and video are very graphic.


MightyMom said...

well, you know I couldn't go to the know why too right??

but thank God they found that place and rescued those children. Thank God.

Airborne dad said...

MM,I completely understand.

Infantry Dad said...

The people responsible for this should be subjected to some of their own hospitality.
what a shame.